Motorcycle test pass rates revealed

learner riders on the road and under instruction

Male and female riders have almost identical pass rates when it comes to Module 2 of the motorcycle practical test. 

Every motorcycle test in the UK has two parts to it, consisting of Module 1 and Module 2 regardless of which licence you’re attempting.

While the Module 1 part of the test consists of off-road assessments, Module 2 is an on-road practical that takes around 40 minutes to complete and riders cannot progress to Module 2 unless they pass Module 1.

Since 2010, around 310,000 riders have taken a Module 2 test, with almost 216,000 passes.

26,792 of those Module 2 tests have been taken by female riders with just over 18,000 passes at a rate of 68.5 per cent.

Male riders have taken 282,629 Module 2 tests since 2010 with 197,399 passes at a slightly higher rate of 69.9 per cent.

The statistics show that when it comes to riding on the road, there’s very little difference between males and females in the UK.

Module 1 differences

When it comes to the off-road aspect of the test within Module 1, there is a noticeable difference in pass rates for male and female riders.

Since 2010, 327,771 bikers have attempted Module 1 of a motorcycle test, with 226,712 riders passing the test at a pass rate of 69.2 per cent.

Males account for almost 290,000 of the Module 1 tests taken; with a pass rate of 71.6 per cent enough to see more than 207,000 passes overall.

Females accounted for just over 38,000 Module 1 tests however only 19,217 riders passed at a rate of 50.5 per cent, more than 20 per cent behind male riders.

Module 1 tests take place in a motorcycle manoeuvring area, which is controlled. Riders are expected to perform a number of different activities including a figure of 8, controlled stops and hazard avoidance exercises.

In 2015, more than 31,000 motorcycle licences were issued in the UK.

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