One in three bikers aged 41 or over

Riders on the road in Southend
One in three bikers in the UK are aged 41 or older with young riders being left in their wake.

The number of motorcycle riders aged 41 or over has grown by almost seven per cent over the first Quarter of 2016, according to stats from The Bike Insurer.

Now, almost 36 per cent of riders getting quotes with The Bike Insurer are aged 41 or older while almost 19 per cent, essentially one in five UK riders, are over the age of 50.

At the opposite end of the age scale, the number of young riders has fallen to just under 16 per cent of all riders in the UK.

In fact of all the age ranges, those aged 16-20 account for the smallest proportion of motorcycle riders.

Those aged between 21 and 30 account for one in three bikers in the UK, the largest percentage of riders in the country.

Where are the oldest riders in the UK?

The North East of England has the oldest average age of riders in the UK at 39.6 years, with Scotland just behind with an average age of 39.5 years old.

London has the lowest average age for riders of 33.5, with the East of England further behind with an average age of 34.8.

Stats are based on figures for quote enquiries on The Bike Insurer.

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