Sales record for commuter bikes in 2015

Honda CB125FMore commuter motorbikes and scooters were sold in 2015 than ever before, according to statistics revealed by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

Almost 44,000 commuter sized bikes were sold in the UK last year, making it the biggest year on record for 100-125cc two wheelers.

And the MCIA believes this could be a consequence of drivers fed up of sitting in traffic on their way to work.

Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA, said: “We think it is likely that they [commuter sized bikes and scooters] are being used for commuting, as they are economical to run and easy to park.

“Motorcycle dealers have been reporting an increase in families swapping a second car for a motorcycle, to beat the misery of sitting in traffic during rush hour.”

And swapping four wheels for two won’t just save you time, it could also improve levels of happiness and lower anxiety among the commuting population.

A one-off survey by the Office for National Statistics found that journeys of 30 minutes or less on a motorbike had no harmful affects on commuters in terms of happiness and anxiety, whereas those who walked, cycled, drove or got the bus experienced adverse affects.

Industry increases

Overall, sales of two wheelers in the UK jumped by more than 12 per cent when compared to 2014.

Last year, more than 114,000 motorbikes, scooters or mopeds were shifted in the UK, the highest annual sales figure since the pre-recession levels of 2008.

One of the most common themes of 2015 was a surge in Naked sales, with more than 30,000 unfaired models sold over the last 12 months, a jump of almost 27 per cent when compared to 2014.

No other type of bike comes close to the Naked, with Scooters the next most popular with almost 23,000 unit sales.

Engine bands

Unsurprisingly, 51-125cc bikes have the highest sales figures, accounting for 43,759 of the total of 114,160 bikes sold in the UK.

The next biggest engine band is the 651-1000cc models with almost 25,000 unit sales and Over 1000cc motorcycles with just over 20,000 sales.

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