Strong start to 2016 as sales grow again

Honda PCX in red 700pxJanuary saw motorcycle sales in the UK grow again with total sales up by 17 per cent when compared to January 2015.

Overall, 5,227 new motorbikes were registered over the first month of the year, with that number jumping to almost 5,800 when Mopeds and Tricycles are thrown in to the mix.

Scooters are unsurprisingly the bestselling bike types in 2016, wrestling the monthly title back from Nakeds for the first time in a few months.

In total, 1,507 scooters were shifted last month with Nakeds narrowly behind with 1,244 units sold in total.

Engine sizes

51 to 125cc bikes are the biggest sellers in 2016 with more than 2,500 new registrations, a jump of 21.9 per cent when compared to January 2015.

651 to 1000cc bikes sold 1,026 units last month, enough to grow by 22.1 per cent compared to 12 months ago.

0 to 50cc bikes are down 8.5 per cent however in terms of units sold are just 49 behind where they were in 2015.

Leading models

The Honda PCX 125 finds itself at the top of the best sellers chart once again after shifting 132 units.

And it was a Honda top three, with the CB 125 F managing 127 new registrations and the CRF 1000 115.

Along with the success of the CRF 250 L and the CBR 125 R, Honda experienced an excellent start to 2016, managing a total of 1,096 sales and while the Japanese manufacturer’s grip on top spot isn’t a surprise, its usual rival’s position is.

Yamaha falls behind

Yamaha has not had as solid a start to the year after falling behind Lexmoto and into third in the best sellers chart.

The Japanese giant managed to shift 617 new bikes inside January, seven behind Lexmoto.

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