Thousands protest parking charges Matlock

Parking regulationsBikers brought Matlock Bath in Derbyshire to a standstill this weekend in protest against plans by Derbyshire County Council to introduce parking charges.

Matlock is a popular spot for bikers thanks in part to its close proximity to the famous A537 or ‘Cat and Fiddle’ route in Derbyshire, as well as other popular roads and rides among UK bikers.

But that could be set to change with plans to bring a 50p per hour charge, as well as a maximum parking duration of two hours, currently being debated by the local council.

Thousands of bikers joined the protest through the Northern town, bringing traffic to a standstill and forcing local police to issue traffic warnings ahead of their arrival.

Why Matlock Bath

Matlock Bath is a popular destination for bikers with thousands arriving in the picturesque town every weekend because of the surrounding roads, scenery and attitude towards biker.

Matlock has embraced bikers, welcoming the two wheel visitors with open arms thanks to their impact on the local economy.

Unfortunately that boost to the local economy could be coming to an end after it was revealed that Derbyshire County Council is planning to introduce the new parking charges in the centre of Matlock Bath.

And local businesses are worried that the new charges will turn bikers away, making a massive dent in their weekend trade.

Speaking to ITV News, a local landlord believed that as much as 75 per cent of her trade on Sundays came directly from bikers passing through Matlock.

Déjà vu in Matlock

It’s not the first time that Matlock has been singled out for parking charges by Derbyshire County Council.

In 2012, proposals to introduce parking fees in Matlock were abandoned after thousands of objections.

This time round a petition has been signed and submitted to Derbyshire County Council along with lots of complaints and comments made by locals at a public consultation in January.

Whether that will be enough to sway the local council remains to be seen as the parking fee plans continue to be discussed by authorities.

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