Two thirds of all motoring convictions issued for speeding

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Almost 70 per cent of all motoring convictions for motorbike riders are issued for speeding offences.

Speeding overwhelmingly dominates the make-up of motoring convictions for motorcyclists according to stats from The Bike Insurer.

These speeding convictions may have been issued because of offences behind the wheel of a car or sat behind handlebars.

But either way, the figures show just how much more common speeding is compared to other offences on the road.

Where do speeding offences occur?

Around 57 per cent of all speeding convictions come in the form of an SP30, where a motorist has exceeded a 30mph limit in a built-up area.

11.5 per cent of speeding convictions occur on motorways where riders have cleared the 70mph limit.

Insurance offences

After speeding, one of the most common offences for UK bikers is driving uninsured.

Almost 1,200 riders in the UK have been charged with an IN10 motoring offence despite its fairly severe penalties.

Anyone found to be riding or driving a vehicle without insurance can be slapped with a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice and six penalty points or be summonsed to court.

In court those found guilty can be fined up to £5,000 dependent on their ability to pay, as well as six to eight penalty points and a possible disqualification.

Insurance premiums will also increase if you have an IN10 endorsement on your licence; it’s an expensive mistake to make.

Learn more about insurance offences and their potential penalties.

Mobile phone use, alcohol and licence offences

Mobile phone, alcohol and licence offences each account for around four per cent of all motoring offences by UK bike riders.

The promising news is that the number of mobile phone offences has dropped by almost 45 per cent compared to the first Quarter of 2015, while the number of bikers with Alcohol and Licence convictions have also dropped by 23.4 per cent and 22.1 per cent respectively.

Convictions down overall

Overall, the percentage of UK motorbike riders with convictions has fallen compared to Quarter one in 2015, when 10 per cent of all riders had some kind of licence endorsement.

One area for concern is the rise in the number of convictions for Driving Without Due Care And Attention and Driving Without a Licence, which have increased by 19.9 per cent and 53.7 per cent respectively.

Stats are based on figures for quote enquiries on The Bike Insurer.

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