Two Yamaha models up for the chop

Yamah XJR1300

Two models will be axed from the Yamaha line-up in 2017 because of emissions.

Both the XT660Z Tenere and the XJR1300 will be discontinued next year with Yamaha deciding against attempts to make them Euro4 compliant.

Bike manufacturers are being forced into major decisions about the make-up of their model line-ups with the latest raft of European emission standards coming into play at the end of this year.

The new Euro4 limits are more stringent than current Euro3 standards and could spell bad news for older bikes with outdated engines.

That seems to be the case for the XT660Z Tenere and the XJR1300 with Yamaha deciding that they’re up for the chop rather than putting the time, effort and money into building new engines.

Why not update the engine range?

The costs of revamping an engine to meet Euro4 emissions standards aren’t small.

On top of that, revised engines could also impact the performance of some big bikes, resulting in lots of research and development to get them up to scratch.

As a result, many manufacturers are faced with the difficult decision of stick or twist and in this case, Yamaha has picked the latter, discontinuing two models.

And while it’s a blow for the Tenere, it’s more disappointing for the XJR1300 which only received a revamp in 2015.

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