UK’s most written-off bike revealed

Triumph Sprint 1050 (header)

The Triumph Sprint ST 1050 is the used motorbike most likely to have been written off, new research has revealed.

Almost 50 per cent of all Triumph Sprint’s checked by My Car Check were written-off, enough for it to claim the unwanted title.

The Honda CBF 125 M-D was the second most likely to be written-off, with 45.45 per cent of all checked previously written off, with Honda WW 125-D in third place with 36.36 per cent.

While it’s not illegal to sell previously written-off bikes on, it is a legal requirement for dealers to declare that the bike in question has been written-off in the past.

However private sellers do not need to share whether their vehicle has previously been written-off.

As a result, My Car Check is urging those in the hunt for a second hand motorbike, scooter or moped to use a service like theirs to ensure the bike you’re buying is exactly as described.

Bikes with finance debt and most likely to be stolen

Data from My Car Check also revealed the motorbikes, scooters and mopeds that were most likely to carry finance debt and be stolen.

The Yamaha WR125X is the bike most likely to have outstanding finance debt while the Yamaha NXC 125 Cygnus scooter is the two-wheeler most likely to be stolen.

See more stats from My Car Check below.

Second Hand motorbike, scooter and moped warning stats

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