Motorcycle insurance for female riders

The world of motorbikes is slightly skewed towards males, you only have to look at the start grid of a national or international race or manufacturer advertising to notice this.

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But that doesn’t mean women can’t or don’t ride – there are just fewer on UK roads.

Last year on The Bike Insurer, less than 10 per cent of all quote requests were made by female riders but there are still more than 500,000 female riders on the road.

And it appears that the age old saying, quality over quantity, applies to female riders because they are less of a risk to insure in the eyes of insurers, resulting in lower motorcycle insurance premiums for female riders compared to males – despite a European Court of Justice ruling in 2012.

In February 2017, the average comprehensive motorcycle insurance premium for women stood at around £357 on The Bike Insurer, just over £60 cheaper than average comprehensive policies for males.

And with women experiencing motorbike test success rates of around 70 per cent (according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)), it could be worthwhile for females to plump for two wheels rather than four.

If you’re after motorbike insurance then The Bike Insurer can help you find the cheapest quotes by comparing prices from the UK’s leading insurance brokers.

Women in motorcycling

Despite a lack of women in motorbike racing in terms of media coverage, there are some shining lights and competitors out there, and The Bike Insurer has been lucky enough to speak to some of them, even helping some race at the next level.

Maria Costello MBE

Maria Costello is one of the most famous female motorcycle racers in the world and has done more than most in inspiring young females to get on a bike and get on the track.

She has competed in numerous Isle Of Man TTs and achieved a podium finish in 2005 at the event. As well as road racing, Costello also mentors young female riders in the European Junior Cup (EJC) and the Women’s European Cup, and it was at the EJC training camp that we caught up with Maria.





The Bike Insurer is keen to encourage women to get on two wheels and to get on the track too, which is why we sponsor the ThundersportGB female championship in the UK. Six females compete in the current series with Charley Oakland leading the way and storming towards a probable victory in 2015.

And because of Charley’s success in ThundersportGB, The Bike Insurer offered her the chance to ride in the Women’s European Cup where she finished second at Donington Park. We spoke to Charley after the race.

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