2016 Triumph Tiger Sport breaks cover

Triumph Tiger Sport 1050cc on the road
Triumph has revealed the 2016 Tiger Sport and it comes with a new 1050cc triple engine.

The new engine gives the Tiger increased torque and better fuel economy, says the British manufacturer.

On top of the new powertrain, Triumph has also kitted its latest Tiger out with a raft of new technology and features.

That engine

Triumph has built a brand new 1050cc triple engine for the Sport and its been designed to optimise power delivery.

To that end it comes with a revised combustion chamber and a new exhaust to give torque at the bottom of the rev range and improve fuel economy respectively.

Equipment and technology

The 2016 Tiger Sport also comes with a new Engine Control Unit and a ride-by-wire throttle system to give owners an immediate response to rider inputs.

On top of that there are also extra rider modes, cruise control and a slip-assist clutch designed to take the strain off riders on long distance trips.

Does it look any different?

The Tiger Sport has been given a pretty subtle revamp in terms of looks and design.

There’s a new swingarm and mirrors, tweaked engine covers and new paintjobs but as you’d expect, it looks a lot like a Tiger Sport just a little bit flashier.

Comfortable cruising

Triumph says the changes have been brought about to make riding easier; torque more readily available with its new engine, fly-by-wire technology making systems slicker and extra rider modes to suit different rides for example.

But it also sounds pretty plush for passengers too. There are ‘grippier’ footpegs and an adjustable screen to deflect air away from rider and passenger.

We’re still waiting to hear how much the 2016 Tiger Sport will set you back.

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