Ducati Scrambler Icon

Ducati gives Scrambler a refresh for 2019


Four years after Ducati launched the Scrambler model, the Italian firm has given the bike a decent refresh to take it into 2019 with new technology and a mild styling makeover.

The Scrambler 800 was designed to offer value-for-money and simple riding pleasure at a new audience for Ducati and is based around the idea that was launched with the original Ducati Scrambler in the 1960s.

Since the range was introduced in 2014, Ducati has sold more than 55,000 models around the world and has even seen the bike enter the world’s top 10 best-selling bikes over 500cc in terms of global sales.

At the start of 2018 a larger capacity Scrambler 1100 was added to the line-up to join the 800 and the smaller 400cc Sixty 2 model.


For 2019, the Scrambler range gets an all-new headlight with an LED daytime running light for improved visibility, self-cancelling indicators, revised switchgear along with, for the first time, a fuel-level indicator.

The rider’s seat is now newly shaped for increased comfort and cornering ABS – which works to keep the bike under control and acts to counter the way motorcycles will ‘sit up’ and run wide into a corner when braking hard in an emergency – is also fitted for the first time.

The suspension both front and rear has been retuned for increased comfort, the clutch action is softer and the lever can now be adjusted for span to suit more riders.

The Scrambler Icon is available in Atomic Tangerine orange with a black frame or classic ’62 Yellow with a black frame and black seat with grey trim.

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