Ducati Scrambler revealed

Ducati Screambler in yellow 700px

Ducati has finally revealed the new Scrambler – a revamp of the classic model – after months of teasing.

And the big reveal came when the doors to a yellow container, that has housed the ‘post-heritage’ model for months, opened to show four versions of the famous model.

As well as the entry-level ‘Icon’ version, the Scrambler line-up includes the Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic, giving customers a wide range of styling and performance options.

Design & Drivetrain

The remit for the Scrambler was to revive the original model whilst also delivering a modern bike to market.

In its appearance, the Scrambler has been successful in re-working the original design.

It’s kept the semi-naked look and iconic profile, complete with long seat and the immediately identifiable round headlamp however, in a contemporary twist, this time round it’s an LED light.

In terms of equipment, the Scrambler comes complete with a fully digital information display. In everything else, the re-worked classic is simple with a cable clutch lever but the new model keeps the standard Ducati ‘trigger-catch’ switchgear system.

An 803cc engine, originally designed for the Monster 796, powers it and a host of drivetrain features also come from the same model. A stiff, lightweight frame and Brembo brakes round the Scrambler range off.


Prices for the Ducati Scrambler Icon start from £6,895 for the red version while the more traditional yellow version costs an extra £100.

The other iterations, including the Full Throttle, Urban Enduro and Classic cost more at £7,995.

The reworked and revamped Scrambler was first revealed back in June to Ducati employees before members of the public were given a taster in July.

There then followed a video drip-feed giving snippets to the public online before it was finally unveiled in all its glory this week.

The Scrambler is an iconic model that was first launched in 1962 and – as the promotional video reveals – it’s a model steeped in history, despite production ceasing in 1975.

Check out the Ducati Scrambler video here and more images of the new Scrambler line-up.

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