Ducati unveils new Supersport range

Ducati has revealed a new Supersport and Supersport S at Intermot.

The Italian giant has put a major stress on building a sports bike for everyday use, a break from the norm for Ducati.

That materialises itself in a completely new model, even if it is heavily influenced by other models in the Ducati line-up – like the Monster.


The Supersport comes with a Bosch ABS system and Ducati’s traction control system that features three different riding modes, making its versatility and everyday use about as obvious as a manufacturer can.

The three modes are Sport, Touring and Urban so, whatever way you ride, the Supersport should have you covered.

The Supersport S comes with Ohlins suspension and a quick-shifter on top of the technology available on the straight Supersport model.

Ducati has also added a pillion seat cover to the accessory range for the Supersport S, which will cost £12,295 in red and £12,495 in white.

How is this Ducati different to what’s gone before?

From the outside, the Supersport and Supersport S still look like Ducatis.

They’ve got sleek, raked profiles and in red look every bit the Ducati. They’ve even got the 937cc Testastretta 113hp V-twin from the Hypermotard driving them; it’s the equipment and adjustability that sets the Supersport apart from its predecessors.

The likes of the Panigale don’t come with an Urban riding mode because that’s not what they’re built for and while the Supersports are unlikely to be bought as commuters come March, they’re set up to be far more versatile than anything that’s gone before.

Both the Ducati Supersport and Supersport S are set to arrive at UK dealers in March.

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