Honda CBR250RR officially revealed

Honda CBR250RR (header)
Honda’s CBR250RR has gone on sale in Indonesia after weeks of leaked photographs and teaser vids.

It first broke cover as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year and was well received, so much so that it’s now in production in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for the latest Honda CBR to make it all the way over to Europe.

That’s a shame because the new CBR250RR is a stunning looking sports bike that would get plenty of UK riders on side.

Under the fairings, the 250RR comes with a brand new liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine.

Its engine is mated to a ride-by-wire throttle system and three different riding modes. According to Honda this means the CBR250RR is quick off the line.

Inspired by the Speed Shape concept from Tokyo, the Japanese manufacturer’s latest bike looks quick, mean and powerful.

And it comes with an all-new steel frame, aluminium swingarm and an upside down fork.

The bad news for British bikers is that the 250RR does seem a long way off ever making it to Europe, if it ever does.

To cheer you up, here’s the video teaser from earlier this month.