Kawasaki unveils Ninja H2

Kawasaki Ninja H2 close-up

Kawasaki has unveiled the latest Ninja, a brutal looking supersports bike based on the track-only H2R.

The H2 is an imposing looking machine with an aggressively raked front-end that’s matched with a unique paintjob.

According to Kawasaki, the paint used on the Ninja H2 uses a chemical reaction to create a layer of pure silver that gives the bike a mirrored finish in the light and a dark colour in the shade.

More interesting is the H2’s 210hp powertrain. Its supercharged engine has only been slightly tweaked from the H2R’s 300hp unit and even after its detuning, results in a power-to-weight ratio of almost 1hp per kg.

The engine has been altered to meet European emission and noise regulations however Kawasaki says it will still offer class-leading acceleration.

And the engine isn’t the only thing shared with the H2R. The H2 borrows the same steel trellis frame from its track alternative.

A quick-shifter, KYB suspension and Brembo discs are also present.

The Ninja H2 comes with a comprehensive set of electronic systems too, including an Öhlins electronic steering damper kit, ABS, multi-level traction control and launch control.

Kawasaki finally revealed the latest Ninja at the EICMA motorbike show in Italy today after months of teasers and titbits regarding the supersports bike.

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