KTM reveals 1050 Adventure

KTM 1050 Adventure 700px

KTM has unveiled the latest addition to its Adventure range – the 1050.

The 1050 falls into the line-up behind the 1190 and 1190 R but, unlike its bigger stablemates, the 95hp Adventure can be restricted to open it up to A2 licence holders,

Under the new UK motorbike licence laws, anyone with an A2 licence can ride a motorbike that’s restricted to 48hp, however you can only restrict bikes which are no more than double that limit before it’s limited.

That means the 1050 Adventure just falls inside the limit for restriction and explains the thinking behind the Austrian manufacturer’s decision to bolster its adventure bike range.

Another incentive is the fact that these restrictions can be removed once a rider has passed their Unrestricted A Licence.

The 1050 Adventure should replace the 990SMT and provides a solution to riders looking for a lighter, simpler model that is also suited to off-road riding.

While it’s marketed as the entry-level Adventure model, the 1050 is well equipped and comes with ABS and traction control as standard.

There are Brembo brakes and inverted WP suspension, too.

From the outside, the 1050 Adventure is much more simple than the majority of models in KTM’s stable.

It’s clean and uncluttered and shuns the typical chunky, aggressive styling of the manufacturer’s usual offerings.

The KTM Adventure 1050 was unveiled at the EICMA motorbike show in Milan today.

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