Motorbike of the future?

BMW last week revealed a new concept bike that it says could represent the future of transportation.

The new concept from the German manufacturer is a self-balancing bike and its technology is so advanced that riders would not need to wear lids when they’re behind its handlebars.

Called the Vision Next 100, the whole setup sounds and looks like something from the set of Bladerunner.

It comes with a triangular frame and two huge wheels but it’s what it doesn’t have that’s most surprising.

There’s no headstock system so when you turn the handlebars it’s the whole frame that moves.

And there’s no suspension. Those massive wheels we touched on earlier, deal with any damping thanks to variable tread across both tyres, which adjust to the conditions.

No feet down and no noise

BMW’s latest concept is so advanced that riders don’t even have to put their foot down when they come to a standstill.

It’s powered by a fully electric motor too, seemingly spelling the end for that throaty grunt as you pull off from the traffic lights and get both feet on the pegs.

No lid, no clothing, just glasses

Maybe that headers a bit misleading. BMW is not saying that riders should go naked but it does say that the technology and on-board safety systems of the Vision Next 100 means riders will not require traditional safety gear.

Perhaps harder to get your head round is the fact that the concept would not require riders to wear lids either because there’s no need, says BMW.

The only item you’ll need to wear is a pair of data glasses, which are controlled by the rider’s eye movements and receive alerts when any action is needed to be taken by the rider.

When can we see it?

BMW is realistic about the Vision Next 100; it’s a concept that’s been designed to cater for the needs of riders in 30 years time, so you’re not going to see it at a dealership any time soon.