New Yamaha NMAX scooter revealed

2015 Yamaha NMAX revealed 700px slim

Yamaha has expanded its scooter line-up with the arrival of the NMAX 125.

The entry-level scooter will join the ranks alongside the TMAX, X-MAX and Tricity three-wheeler when it arrives on UK roads in June.

However the Japanese manufacturer is more likely to have an eye on the Honda PCX 125, the dominant scooter in the UK.

And to combat its perennial rival’s top-seller, Yamaha has given the NMAX a comprehensive list of equipment and eye-catching fuel economy figures.

It comes with a new four-valve engine that has been designed specifically with fuel economy in mind as part of the marque’s ‘Blue Core’ design philosophy.

That means a Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system has been introduced for efficient acceleration. It works by shifting between two intake cam lobes dependent on engine speed.

There’s also an optimised fuel injection system and the cylinder has a low-friction coating to reduce drag.

The lump sum of all this engine technology (and a lightweight frame) is a headline fuel economy figure of 107mpg (45.7km/litre) for urban riding.

It also comes with ABS as standard as well as an underseat helmet storage unit and full LCD instruments.

On the outside, the NMAX is a sporty-looking scooter and it’s available in four different colours: black, red, silver and white.

Pricing details are yet to be confirmed by Yamaha however it will probably be pitched close to the Honda PCX, so expect insurance prices to mirror those too.

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