Peugeot teams up with Dainese

Dainese D-Air inflatable safety jacket 700px

Peugeot has teamed up with Dainese to create a wireless airbag jacket that will be sold alongside the Metropolis scooter.

The Metropolis is a three-wheeled scooter that’s powered by a 400cc four-stroke engine.

It stands out from other scooters on the market because of its three-wheel set-up and a system called Dual Tilting wheels (DTW).

That means the two-front wheels tilt independently, while the suspension alters the centre of mass at the front of the scooter.

Essentially it helps the Metropolis stay planted and stable around bends, improving safety, but the link-up with Dainese goes one step further in terms of safety.

Alongside the Italian leather and protective clothing manufacturer, Peugeot has developed the new Metropolis D-air jacket.

In the event of a fall or accident, the jacket inflates, protecting the rider.

It’s not the first time that Dainese has teamed up with a manufacturer, having previously worked with Ducati to develop the Multistrada D-air in 2014.

The new Peugeot jacket is expected to use similar technology to the Ducati version and should make use of intelligent sensors that will activate the air jacket in the event of a crash, within 45-milliseconds of impact.

The partnership was revealed on stage at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week and will become available in France in the second quarter of 2015.

While there are no immediate plans to roll the system out across the rest of Europe, it shouldn’t be too long before the Metropolis D-air arrives in the UK.

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