Special edition Ducati Scramblers unveiled

Hondo Grattan Ducati Scrambler

Three customised Ducati Scramblers were unveiled at the Verona Motor Bike Expo this week.

The three models were built in conjunction with custom tuning shops, Deus Ex Machina, Officine Mermaid and Mr Martini.

Each custom shop was asked to develop an idea based on one of the models in the Scrambler line-up.

Deus Ex Machina chose to customise the Full Throttle and turn it into the Hondo Grattan.

The Hondo Grattan uses aluminium bodywork and an asymmetric mudguard, along with a brash yellow and powder blue paintjob. It’s named after the racehorse that won numerous races at the Harold Park racetrack in Australia.

Officine Mermaid chose to take on the Urban Enduro off-roader, resulting in the Scratch, a rough and ready bike with buffed out chrome.

Last is the Caffe Racer from Mr Martini. The Caffe Racer, as the name suggests, is a retro model with an American twist. The eye-catching feature is its oversized exhaust.

The standard line-up of Scramblers arrives in UK dealerships in January with prices starting from £6,895 and rising to £7,995 for top-end models.

The Ducati Scrambler was first unveiled last year in the run up to the EICMA show in Milan. It was unveiled after a marketing storm of teasers and trailers that got lots of people talking and some excited, particularly The Bike Insurer, and it’s one of the models we’re excited to see in 2015.



Caffe Racer

Scrambler Caffe Racer


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