Yamaha reveals new naked triple

MT-09 Tracer

Yamaha has revealed the new MT-09 Tracer, a touring-ready version of the MT-09 naked triple.

The Tracer has been on the cards for a while and was finally unveiled officially at a press conference on the eve of the EICMA motorbike show in Milan.

And the Tracer did not disappoint with a range of riding options making it what Yamaha calls a multi-role model.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the Tracer is a powerful bike, thanks to its triple cylinder engine, but it has also been tweaked to allow for long distance riding.

As a result it comes equipped with a D-Mode system specifically designed for the new model.

The D-Mode system allows riders to choose between three power options of sports riding, touring and everyday riding, depending on their needs.

It also comes with a Switchable Traction Control System (TCS) as standard, and this prevents the rear wheel from losing traction by cutting power to the engine.

While this is designed to offer some reassurance to riders in wet and slippery conditions, the manufacturer has made this system fully switchable, which means you can turn it off if you want.

In terms of styling, the MT-09 Tracer is an aggressive looking machine. It comes with a steep front-end and its exposed forks and engine give it a dynamic look.

At the front, the cowling has been re-designed and comes with twin headlights and an adjustable windscreen, while the riding position is changeable too.

The Yamaha MT-09 Tracer will be released in the UK next March.

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