Yamaha’s latest Yard Built model revealed

Yamaha YB XJR1300 SKULLMONKEE Yardbird special 700px

Yamaha has revealed its latest Yard Built motorbike in Paris.

The Japanese manufacturer took its latest special edition model to the Carreau Temple for its grand unveiling of the XJR1300 Skullmonkee.

Instead of a complete revamp of the standard XJR, the Wrenchmonkees (the company behind the project) kept their changes to tuning and upgrading as opposed to drastic stylistic changes.

As a result, The Wrenchmonkees used aftermarket parts to transform the bike, including black aluminium clip-ons, Biltwell grips and a custom Wrenchmonkees yellow headlight.

In terms of mechanics, a full Beringer brake system has been added along with Ohlins STX 36 rear shocks.

On the outside, the XJR1300 Skullmonkee comes with a gloss black paintjob, Skullmonkee livery and gold touches across the exterior.

All in all it makes for a simple, stripped back and retro-looking model.

Per Nielsen, Wrenchmonkee, said: “We worked hard to ensure we made no radical design changes for the build instead focusing on adding our clean style and silhouette with no cutting or welding to the framework.”

The latest Yard Built special follows on from the XV950 Racer and was built to mark the 20 anniversary of the standard XJR.

Yamaha YB XJR1300 SKULLMONKEE Yardbird custom 700px

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