YZF-R1 revealed on stage in Milan

2015 YZF R1 on the track

Yamaha has revealed the new YZF-R1 in Milan, an updated version of its sport bike.

The new R1 is the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship model and the update brings with it more power and more electronics.

With a reduced wet-weight of 199kg and a reported 200hp, the R1 returns 1hp per kg which means it’s one of the most powerful sport bikes on the market.

The engine is a new unit based on the M1 powertrain found on the Yamaha MotoGP machines and comes with a range of air intake options to improve output.

In terms of electronics, the new R1 comes with traction control, ABS, a quick-shifter and launch and lift control.

And these systems work in combination with a new 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the first time such a system has ever been used on a road-legal motorbike, to give added control to riders.

The bike’s design is influenced by Yamaha’s MotoGP bike and Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi were both used in its launch in Milan and in the bike’s development.

The new bike is expected to reach the UK in March next year and will be joined by an even higher-end model, the T1M.

The R1M is a higher-spec model and a limited edition unit. It comes with Ohlins Electronic Racing Suspension and is a track-only, race-ready version of the R1.

As well as its sophisticated suspension set-up, the R1M also comes with a data-logging system, with integrated GPS, and wireless connectivity to tablets and mobile phone devices.

Like the YZF-R1, the R1M is also expected to reach the UK in March.

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