Zero Motorcycles return to the UK

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Zero Motorcycles – one of the leading electric motorbike manufacturers in the world – are being stocked in UK dealerships again.

We’ve spoken to Zero Motorcycles before about their 100 per cent electric motorbikes, most recently when the UK government announced an electric two wheel grant last year.

Back then, Zero had no immediate plans to venture into the UK market however that position seems to have changed slightly.

Four UK dealerships now stock Zero Motorcycles and while that may not be an enormous amount, it’s a big step forward for a brand that sells high volumes of electric bikes in North America and Europe.

With dealerships now stocking Zero Motorcycles in Birmingham, Manchester and two in London, it’s a great way for the California based manufacturer to mark 10 years in the industry.

Find your nearest Zero dealership.

Anniversary edition

As well as a return to the UK, Zero has also revealed a 10th Anniversary Zero DSR model to celebrate its landmark.

The limited edition model comes with custom anniversary graphics and a new paintjob that makes it stand out from standard versions.

Just 50 versions of the anniversary model will be available.

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