Ducati goes around the globe at 90

Riders being put through their paces for the chance to win part of a round the world trip on a Ducati 1200 Multistrada (header)

Ducati is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a round the world trip for seven lucky winners.

3,000 applicants put themselves forward to ride one leg of the globetrotting journey on the back of the Multistrada 1200 Enduro.

The applicants were whittled down until just 14 were left and they were invited to a boot camp in Castello di Nipozzano, Tuscany.

Here the riders were put through their paces on the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, with basic mechanical skills tested alongside their riding skills until just the lucky seven remained.

The Ducati Globetrotter tour

The tour will consist of seven legs, each ridden by a different rider, taking in three continents.

And as well as all the belongings they require to get through the briliiant road trip, each rider will also have to carry a specially designed torch that symbolises “the passion that burns and fuels the spirit of Ducati.”

The rider and the legs

Each winning rider has been allocated one leg of the seven-stage journey and the first kicks off on 4 July in Bologna.

The first rider is Vir Nakai, an Indian travel writer, and he will leave the Borgo Panigale factory and work his way over to Moscow where his stint comes to an end.

The Ducati baton will then be passed on to Steve Fraser, an Australian rider, who will follow the Trans-Siberian route.

From there, Jessica Leyne will ride through Japan before Eduardo Generali takes over as he rides from San Francisco to Indianapolis.

Samuel Bendall, an American journalist and photographer will then ride from Indianapolis to Lisbon before passing the baton on to Hugo Wilson, a motorcycle magazine publisher from Lincolnshire, as he works his way from Portugal to the Isle of Man.

The final leg of the journey will be ridden by Timo Schafer from Germany, as the mechanical engineering student works his way from the Manx Isle back to Bologna.