Five AGV lids for July 2017



Summer’s officially here and if you haven’t missed your bike enough to crack it out of winter storage already, then you definitely will do now.

Getting back on your bike isn’t always as straightforward as grabbing your keys and jumping behind your handlebars though.

For most people, there are lots of safety and maintenance checks to run through if your bike’s been holed away over the winter months.

And for the vain bikers out there, the new season is also the time to get your hands on some new stash because nobody wants to wear the same gear again.

We spoke to the team at AGV and asked them to tell us about five lids you can get your mitts on in July if you’re looking for a new helmet this season.

  • AGV Compact ST Courseagv-compact-course-flo

AGV’s Compact ST Course is a modular lid, which is layman’s terms means it’s a flip-up helmet.

And the best thing is it’s legal to ride on UK roads in either the open or closed face configuration.

Modular helmets need to pass strict tests for approval to ride in both open and closed face configurations and that’s exactly what the Compact ST Course needed to do to be fully homologated.

On top of that it also scored four stars out of five when tested by SHARP, scoring 100 per cent on the chin bar test.

It’s suited to street, touring and urban riding, says AGV, and with prices starting from £199, it’s affordable too.

View the AGV Compact ST Course lid

  • Hot shot AGV Pista GP-R Soleluna 2016

AGV’s Pista GP-R Soleluna is bound to get every Moto GP fans heart racing (and your bank account wincing) not least because it’s going to be worn by Valentino Rossi in 2017.agv-pista-gp-r-soleluna-2016-monster

As well as having the most high profile motorcycle racer on the planet endorsing it, it’s also got because of its stunning design and eye-watering specs.

It comes with a 100 per cent carbon fibre shell, which has been designed to maximise aerodynamic performance with a new biplano spoiler with multiple wings.

Interference with race leathers has also inspired the design while on the inside there’s an adaptable fit and an integrated hydration system too.

With a spec line-up that deep it should come as no surprise to hear that the GP-R Soleluna isn’t cheap at £999.99 but according to AGV, that money buys you the most protective helmet ever built.

  • AGV Corsa-R Guy Martin

If track racing isn’t your thing and it’s the Isle of Man TT that gets your pulse racing, you might be more inclined to go for the Corsa-R Guy corsa-guy-martinMartin.

In terms of specification, it comes with almost the same number of features and details as the Pista GP-R but this one’s priced at £699.99 and comes emblazoned in your favourite Grimsby truck mechanic’s livery.

It comes with a carbon-fibreglass shell versus the GP-R’s pure carbon fibre make-up.

Inside there’s a reversible crown pad which allows riders to pick between warm and cool sides depending on the weather conditions and personal preference.

On top of that there’s a removable nose guard and a wind deflector at the rear.

If you’re into the Isle of Man TT or Guy Martin, the Corsa-R is probably the perfect lid for you.

If getting covered in mud is more your cup of tea than getting your knee down on tarmac, the AX8 Dual Evo could be the right lid for you.ax8-dual-evo-karakum-camo_ora-230155

It’s ideal for anyone who’s in to adventure riding and likes going off the road as much as sticking to the tarmac thanks to its versatility.

It’s a lightweight, full-face lid with off-road styling and a removable visor if you want to go with goggles when it’s time to leave the road behind.

But if you’re happy staying on the road, there’s a removable peak to stop your head buffeting back at speed when the wind takes effect.

AGV’s AX8 Dual Evo is priced from £299.99.

  • AGV K3

k3-sv-tartarugaThe K3 is an entry-level helmet in the AGV line-up and costs just £129.99.

Despite its budget tag, the K3 doesn’t compromise on safety and it secured a four-star rating out of five from SHARP.

That’s thanks to a High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin (HIR-TH) shell and a polycarbonate anti-scratch visor.

Inside there’s a fully removable, washable lining which has been given a sanitised Dry Comfort treatment to keep your lid fresh.

On top of the standard colour options, you can also get Replica versions of the K3 and emulate riders like Rossi and Martin for an extra £20.

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