Five of the best YouTube channels for bikers

Everybody loves a good video and fortunately for all you bikers out there, there are thousands of them online.

That makes a Friday afternoon in work a bit more bearable because there’s plenty of brilliant biking vids for you to sink your teeth into.

From idiots on the road to real reviews, cool-looking, high-budget videos to race highlights; whatever you’re into, you can find it on YouTube.

We’ve scoured YouTube for some of the best motorbike channels around and come up with this list.

  • BaronVonGrumble

The Baron is a YouTube biking phenomenon thanks to more than 200,000 Subscribers and well over 24m views.

Those figures are ridiculous and are made all the more impressive by the fact that he’s only actually been riding motorbikes since 2008.

What can I expect?

Bike reviews, rants and helmet-camera footage as BaronVonGrumble tests bikes, generally rides around and chats you through what happens to him on the road.

It’s one of the funniest motorcycle channels around.

Warning: Contains some strong language.

  • RoyalJordanian

If you thought BaronVonGrumble’s figures were huge, think again, because Royal Jordanian’s are whopping.

Almost 434,000 Subscribers and 92.5m views is incredible, even more so based on the fact that it’s essentially a channel dedicated to commuting.

What can I expect?

The format for RoyalJordanian hasn’t changed. There’s a helmet mounted camera, some text over the top of the video and that’s generally it.

It’s simple and obviously effective.

Warning: Contains some strong language.

  • lockk9

If you’re into road racing, lockk9 is the channel for you, especially if the TT is your thing.

We have no idea where lockk9 gets all his videos from but if there’s a road race going on in the UK or Ireland, some coverage of it will normally work its way over to lockk9.

What can I expect?

Fast laps, crashes and overtakes. Onboard cameras, overheads and roadside footage.

Basically if its road racing, it’ll be on lockk9.

  • OnYerBike

On Yer Bike! Is a self-confessed alternative motorcycle show and anyone who’s watched their videos will be able to confirm that.

This is a proper motorcycle show that focuses on some of the less glamorous, shall we say, motorcycle shows and events from up and down the UK.

With an obvious obsession for the Honda C90, it’s well worth a watch.

What can I expect?

Videos from some of the smaller motorcycle shows in the UK, lots of Honda C90 coverage and a look at bikes you won’t see on many other channels.

Oh, and a marvellous beard.

  • RoadcraftNottingham

RoadcraftNottingham is a slightly more sensible affair than some of the other YouTube channels in this list.

Brought to you by an award winning motorcycle instructor, the channel is an informative blend of riding tips and lessons, reviews and other motorcycle clips.

What can I expect?

There are lots of genuinely useful riding videos on RoadcraftNottingham if you’re looking for any tips from someone who knows.

If your favourite hasn’t made the list

No doubt you’ve got your own favourite YouTube channel and if yours isn’t in our list, sorry!

But instead of wallowing in your own disappointment, tell us which channel we’ve missed out.

We’ll add the best suggestions into our list.

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