Helmet safety moves to another level

This is not the Helpmet

A Thai company is developing a new helmet that contacts emergency services in the event of an accident.

Called the Helpmet, the new lid is self-reporting, firing calls across to emergency services when involved in an accident.

Launched by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the safety system is triggered when a built-in sensor detects an impact of 95 g-force; enough to cause a loss of consciousness says Helpmet.

When the sensor is triggered, an emergency SMS will be sent to the emergency services, along with your location and important medical details, including blood type and medical record.

Combatting road death rates

Thailand has the second highest rate of road deaths in the world and around 80 oer cent of that number consist of motorcycle riders on rural roads.

And according to the Thail Health Promotion Foundation, it’s the rider’s inability to swiftly call the emergency services due to unconsciousness that causes lots of these fatalities.

The Helpmet combats this by calling for help while the rider is unconscious, saving valuable time and hopefully lives.

The helmet remains in the development phase however this type of wearable safety tech is something that is becoming increasingly common in the motorcycle industry.

With UK bike riders accounting for 19 per cent of all road deaths, despite two wheelers comprising just one per cent of all vehicles on UK roads, this technology is should hit the UK if it proves successful in Thailand.

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