Honda CBF 125M is UK’s favourite model

Honda PCX in red 700px

The Honda CBF is the UK’s favourite motorbike, having secured more than 2,019 unit sales in 2014.

And the good news doesn’t stop there for the Japanese manufacturer however, with five models in the top ten.

The CBF 125 M flew out of showrooms as soon as they arrived, and it’s the all round nature of the model that has helped cement its place at the top of the bestsellers list.

It manages to combine sporty looks with excellent ride and handling, as well as fuel economy and a more than reasonable starting price of around £2,000.

Second on the list is the PCX 125 scooterwinter, a model that has challenged the CBF for overall honours over every month of 2014, securing 1,842 sales over the last 12 months.

Honda’s presence in the top ten is rounded out by the NSC 110 WH, CBR 125 R and the NC 750 X, with 1,214, 988 and 896 sales respectively.

Yamaha is the next most successful manufacturer in the UK after Honda, with the YZF R125 its most successful model.

The sporty 125 attained 1,674 unit sales in 2014 while its stablemate, the YBR 125 secured 1,221 sales to sit in fifth place behind the BMW R 1200 GS.

BMW is also represented in the top ten by the R 1200 GS Adventure with 1,102 new registrations.

Kawasaki are the only other manufacturers to make an appearance in the top ten with the Z1000 SX which sold 989 units.

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