Lancashire Police release filtering fails and tips video

Lancashire Police release filtering fails and safety tips video (header)Lancashire Police have released a video of filtering fails from riders across the globe, as well as safe filtering advice.

The video aims to reduce the number of filtering fails in towns and built-up areas and help riders filter safely on UK roads.

And while some of the clips in the compilation will have even the most seasoned biker wincing, they throw light on the very real dangers of filtering on the road.

Advice on how to filter safely

The compilation of fails is followed up by on-board footage and commentary of a police rider demonstrating how to filter safely.

With tips like the speed at which you should filter and the distance you should leave between yourself and other road users, the video provides a clear and simple insight into filtering safely.

Is filtering illegal?

Despite the reaction filtering often inspires in UK motorists, it is perfectly legal for riders to split traffic.

There are some basic rules and guidelines bikers should follow to ensure they stay safe and on the right side of the law when filtering on UK roads.

Learn more about filtering safely.

Urban riding advice from local police

Lancashire Police’s video isn’t the first attempt by a police force in the UK to attempt to spread the message about filtering safely.

Earlier this year, Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police joined forces to release two training videos on filtering.

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