Milton Keynes Council offer motorcycle training

additional-motorcycle-training-could-lower-casualties-headerMilton Keynes council is offering training days for post-test motorcyclists after a rise in biker casualties over the past two years.

The training days follow the success of the scheme last year and the council hopes they’ll help make motorbike riders safer and more confident while out on the road.

The one-day course will encourage better riding techniques and is being subsidised by the council, meaning it costs only £20.

Councillor Liz Gifford, responsible for Road Safety, said: “I would strongly urge anyone who rides a motorcycle to take advantage of these training days, last year two extra days were added due to the high demand for this training.

“The statistics show that this kind of road user has very high casualty numbers and this needs to be reduced significantly.”

What happens on the day?

The day will start with a theory session including observation, gears, position and cornering. Later on will be the chance to have an on-road assessment with trained motorcyclists.

The training is supported by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Rod Hardie, from the IAM, had this to say:

“We are a group of Advanced Motorcyclists who enjoy motorcycling and are keen to pass our experience and knowledge gained over the years on to other people with many hints and tips in order to allow you to become a safer and more confident rider who is much more aware of the dangers and pitfalls out there.”

When is it?

Open to post-test bikers in Milton Keynes, the assessment days will start at 9am and are held at Great Holm Fire Station on the following dates:

  • Saturday 18th March
  • Saturday 20th May
  • Saturday 17th June
  • Saturday 16th September

Contact Nigel Spencer on 01908 252806 or email for more information about the course or to book your place.

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