Motorcycle filtering tips from IAM RoadSmart


IAM RoadSmart has revealed a list of tips to help riders in the UK filter through stationary or slow-moving traffic safely.

Filtering, despite what lots of car drivers seem to think, is legal in the UK and is one of the advantages for bikers on the road.

However, there’s no denying that it can be dangerous, which is why IAM RoadSmart has released a list of tips to make sure you’re filtering safely.

Tips to filter safely on UK roads

– Filtering is tiring

Filtering safely requires lots of concentration and attention. Riders should take breaks if they have been filtering for a long time.

– Up to 20mph

You should only filter when traffic is stationary or moving slowly, which means up to 20mph.

IAM RoadSmart is also quite clear that when filtering you shouldn’t ride any more than 10 to 15mph faster than the traffic around you.

– Keep a door’s width

You should leave a door’s width between you and traffic while you filter, giving you time to respond.

You must not cross solid lines to filter as you will commit an offence if the traffic begins to move while you are.

– Speed and escape

Make sure you have a safe escape route when filtering and ride at a speed that gives you time to react to the movements of other road users.

– Use mirrors on cars

Mirrors on cars can help you spot when a car is about to change lane.

– The element of surprise

You will surprise people when filtering. Remain courteous at all times and stay safe.

– Don’t go for any old gap

Do not enter any gap or space just because you and your bike fit into it. Remember that other road users, HGV vehicles for example, will need more space for manoeuvres than others.

– Upcoming junctions

Be aware of up coming junctions, whether you’re on the passenger side or driver’s side. Cars are more likely to switch lanes as you come to a junction.

Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, said: “We all want to make progress with our journey but don’t get too impatient or tailgate other road users.

“Be patient and filter through traffic with consideration for road users around you. If done correctly you’ll get to your destination faster while not affecting others abilities to do the same.”

Learn more about filtering safely.

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