New helmet security system released

Wunderlich helmet safety system (header)

BMW motorbike accessory specialist, Wunderlich, has released a new helmet security system.

The new system uses a silicone coated steel rope that slips under your bike’s seat, where a release sits.

It’s only when the seat is lifted that you can access the release and as it’s locked using the seat lock, there are no extra keys for owners to carry round.

According to Wunderlich, the Helmet Anti-Theft System can hold one or two helmets, which either frees up space in any pannier boxes or means you don’t have to carry your lid around with you.

Wunderlich’s helmet security system is unfortunately only available on the BMW R 1200GS LC from 2013 onwards, and the R 1200GS LC Adventure from 2014 onwards. The Helmet Anti-Theft System costs £39.

It’s a cracking, affordable idea and if it means we don’t have to lug our lid around with us all day, we’re on board, it’s just a shame that it’s limited to just two models.

Wunderlich specialises in accessories and products for BMW motorbikes. It boasts a 500-page catalogue of products for the German manufacturer.

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