Paper licence counterpart phased out

Driving licence close up

UK paper licence counterparts will become a thing of the past this year under plans announced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

From 8 June, the paper counterpart can be destroyed, leaving UK motorists with just the photocard licence.

Endorsements that were previously shown on the paper counterpart will now be held on an online database and no paper counterparts will be issued from 8 June.

However the paper licence situation gets a bit more complicated with those issued before 1998 remaining valid even after the 8 June cut off.

The official line from the DVLA says: “From 8 June 2015, the photocard licence counterpart will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA.

“You’ll still be able to use the counterpart driving licence to change your address with DVLA. You can also change your address online.”

There was some confusion when the DVLA first announced the intended changes to the licence system with motorists unsure about the intended end date for the paper counterpart.

That forced the DVLA to issue another statement clarifying the end date of the counterpart.

One issue of concern for motorists is that they will no longer hold written evidence of endorsements and penalty points on your licence.

That means that endorsements could be issued without motorists knowing.

It’s another change announced by the DVLA and Claire Perry, Transport Minister, following the revelation that the new photocard licence will display the British flag.

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