TyreSafe reveals scooter MOT facts

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Scooters fail more first MOT tests for defective tyres than any other vehicle in the UK. 

According to stats from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), 5.2 per cent of all Class 1 motorcycles fail their first MOT test due to problems with their tyres, compared to an average of 4.9 per cent for cars.

And TyreSafe says that this shows that Class 1 motorbikes – bikes with an engine size up to 200cc – are primarily used as a practical and efficient everyday workhorse but they are not being looked after properly.

During a motorcycle MOT, there are numerous ways tyres are checked and tested during the inspection.

Tyre and wheel checks during a motorcycle MOT

  1. Their condition
  2. That they are secure
  3. Their size and type
  4. Correctly fitted
  5. Tread depth
  6. Valve condition
  7. Alignment

Whether scooter tyres are failing MOTs because of incorrect tread depth or cuts to the sidewalls, riders are being urged to check their black circles frequently.

That’s why TyreSafe has released an infographic outlining some simple checks riders can carry out to reverse  the trend and to keep them safe on the road.


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