UK driving licence paper counterpart update

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The UK driving licence paper counterpart will become obsolete from 8 June 2015, but confusion about the move remains.

Today, the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) hosted a web chat, discussing the abolition of the driving licence counterpart set to come into effect this summer.

And despite the fast approaching date, it appears that confusion over the subject remains rife, based on the amount of questions put to the DVLA’s panellists.

Almost 50 questions were put to Dudley Ashford, Hugh Evans and Lynette Rose, from the DVLA in the 90-minute session.

The questions covered all manner of issues, from accessibility to your own licence details to the DVLA selling the details for commercial use.

The Bike Insurer asked the panel if licence holders will get a notification as and when endorsements are added electronically to their licence, with a number of licence holders voicing their concerns about receiving endorsements by mistake.

Lynette Rose replied, saying: “There won’t be notifications to licence holders as the driver will already be involved in any driving offence. They will be able to see any updates via the View Driving Licence service.”

As such it’s clear that the onus is on UK riders to check their own details to see what endorsements remain on their licence.

While the change isn’t complicated there are some important facts that riders should be aware of.

Ten important things to know

  • The paper counterpart driving licence will become obsolete from 8 June.
  • You should destroy your paper counterpart from 8 June – it has no legal status.
  • If you have a valid paper driving licence from pre-1998, before the photo card was introduced, you should NOT destroy it.
  • Riders in Northern Ireland should not destroy the paper counterpart as they are not part of the new system.
  • Your driving licence details will now be held in an electronic database that you can access 24 hours a day.
  • You need your driving licence number, National Insurance number and your postcode to view your details.
  • The DVLA cannot pass your details on to a third party without your consent.
  • Fixed penalty offences and endorsements will be updated electronically overnight – you will not receive automatic notification of any endorsement.
  • Riders will still need to produce their licence when fixed penalties and endorsements are issued by police officers.
  • EU riders who have obtained a paper counterpart licence from the DVLA will no longer be able to do so once the new system comes into place. An alternative route to licence will be provided by the DVLA.

For further information regarding the abolition of the paper counterpart, follow the link or watch the video below.

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