‘World’s most famous’ motorbike sold at auction

easy rider motorcycle at Goodwood

A motorbike that was ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider has been auctioned for almost £850,000 in America.

The customised chopper was sold in California after a bidding war pushed the price up to $1.35m (£838,821).

The new owner of the iconic motorbike from the 1969 classic road film that documents the journey of two bikers across the America, has not been named.

However the authenticity of the chopper – reportedly used in the film’s iconic crash scene ending – has been questioned by a collector who believes he owns the actual bike used in the film.

Further doubt has been thrown on the validity of the Harley-Davidson bike after Dan Haggerty, the man who restored the Captain America bike, admitted to selling two of the bikes previously.

According to Haggerty, who also had a bit-part in the original film, the bike sold on Saturday is the genuine article and it comes complete with Peter Fonda’s signature on the Stars-and-Stripes decorated fuel tank.

But Fonda himself has come out to question how two bikes can both be the ‘genuine’ thing, despite the fact that two versions of the bike were built for filming.

“There’s a big rat stinking someplace in this. I can’t tell you which one is real. I know there are two bikes out there that are both authenticated by Haggerty. That’s not right,” said Fonda, 74, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times..

However there was no question of foul play according to Profiles In History’s, the auction house that sold the bike, auctioneer boss, Joseph Maddalena.

“This is the only original Captain America bike in existence. This is without doubt the world’s most famous motorcycle,” said Maddalena, according to the Telegraph newspaper.

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