The Bike Insurer Christmas Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so how’s your festive shopping going? If your Secret Santa is a massive bike enthusiast, or you’re looking for present inspiration for your motorbike-loving friend, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at The Bike Insurer, we know just what makes motorbike fans tick; that’s why we’ve done the leg work for you and compiled our top 10 Christmas gift guide for bikers. From tech to fashion, we know you’ll find something that will light up the life of your loved ones this year. You’re welcome…

  1. Helmet care kit

We know that looking stylish on the road is a priority for most, but it’s important to stay safe while you’re looking the part too. That’s why we’re big fans of this helmet care kit. This complete care kit comes equipped with helmet refresh spray, cleaner polish, anti-fog and visor cleaner. Style and safety, it gets our vote.

Helmet care kit

  1. Bike cover

If the biker fan in your life is making a New Year’s resolution to take better care of their bike, then this bike cover is perfect for them. In addition to offering solid aluminium lock holes for added security, it’s light, versatile and tough design means its capable of withstanding the elements regardless of the season.

  1. Bluetooth intercom

If you get worried about your biker loved one on their long rides, then this Bluetooth intercom makes the perfect gift this Christmas. Keep your mind at ease and stay in touch with up to 12 hours of chat time. Alternatively, if you’re a biking duo, this Bluetooth intercom will keep you connected while you’re on the road together.

  1. Battery charger

We’ve all been there – you’re set to go on a ride but your bike won’t start. Sometimes, we can run into trouble at the worst of times. However, put those days behind you with this battery charger, which is an absolute must-have to keep for those moments when life doesn’t seem to go our way.

  1. Dash cam

Dash-cams are fast becoming a must-have for drivers on the road but, while they are most commonly used in cars, did you know you can also fit them on motorcycles? If you’re still debating it, check out our article on The Van Insurer for the pros and cons of buying a dash cam.

  1. GPS tracker system

We all know that biker whose wheels are, literally, their pride and joy. If security is of paramount importance, this GPS tracker is perfect for monitoring their bike’s location. They can rest easy over the Christmas period and all year round, knowing they can keep track of their bike day and night.

  1. Heated jacket

Winter rides can be tough going in windy, cold winter weather. That’s why this heated jacket should be at the top of every biker’s Christmas wish list. It’s waterproof, wind-resistant and made of lightweight cotton and polyester material, making it well-insulated and braced against the elements come rain or shine.

Heated Jacket

  1. Heated handlebar grips

Every bike enthusiast knows the pain of cold hands and frosted fingertips, it goes with the territory. However, frozen digits will be a thing of the past with these heated handlebar grips. They’re made of tough, durable rubber and ABS material and heat up quickly, even in the coldest of temperatures. Just to boost their practical appeal, they come in a range of designs, so they look the part too.

  1. Biker couple artwork

If you and your partner are both bike lovers but you’re covered on the accessory front, why not boost the fun factor with this novel biker couple artwork. It can be fully customised to suit the recipient, so perfect whether you like to fly solo or take to the road as a team.

  1. Motorbike alarm clock

If your biking Secret Santa eats, sleeps and breathes motorbikes, then this motorbike alarm clock is for them. Its handy, lightweight design makes it perfect for keeping the time whether at home or work. They’ll never miss a window to ride or snooze through perfect riding conditions with its snazzy alarm function.

Bike alarm clock

We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect present out of our top 10 list of Christmas gifts but don’t forget to start 2022 off with the right bike insurance. Visit us at and receive quotes from more than 40 insurance brokers.