Buying the best motorbike gloves

Gloves, despite not being quite as important as helmets, are vital to riding safely.

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If they’re waterproof, warm and provide adequate grip on your handlebars, you’ll be less likely to get distracted and play around with your hands to get comfortable.

They’re also one of the first parts of your body that will touch the road if you do fall off your bike because it’s a natural reaction to throw your hands out. As a result it’s vital that you get your gloves right.

What gloves should I buy?

There are thousands of different types of motorbike gloves because they have to deal with different situations and eventualities. Some gloves are suited to riding in winter, some are suited to summer, some are suited to wet weather riding and some will be more malleable.

You need to know what type of glove will suit you best – if you’re a warm weather rider, cold weather gloves are probably unnecessary, however if you’re an all-year rider, you’ll want a more adaptable pair.

Never ignore control

Above all, a motorbike glove should be comfortable and not too big or chunky so that you can properly operate your motorbike. Test how your gloves feel on a motorbike, rather than standing up and trying them on in a shop.

Never ignore protection

All motorbike gloves need to provide adequate protection in the event of an accident.

They need to protect your palms and fingers when they come into contact with the road surface so you should look for gloves that use leather, Kevlar or ballistic nylon. They also need to be heavy duty enough to withstand little impacts from stones, bugs and every day bumps.

Never ignore comfort

When riding, you do not want or need any distractions that take your concentration away from the road. If gloves either don’t fit properly, or stitching rubs annoyingly on your palm, you will get distracted, so make sure your gloves fit properly and are comfortable.

This will also ensure that they stay on during a crash – you don’t want to mix bare palms and tarmac.

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