Guide to motorcycle earplugs

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When it comes to riding, our first thought is often to protect ourselves with boots, helmets and specialised fabrics.

But how many of us think about protecting our hearing?

According to hearing protection specialist Auritech, riding at just 62mph can generate as much wind noise as 95dB. With any noise over 85dB having the potential to cause hearing loss or damage, that’s a pretty concerning statistic.

Now that we’re in the midst of Tinnitus Awareness Week, there’s no better time to highlight the importance of looking after your hearing – even if you don’t always feel like it. So, here’s a selection of earplugs that could help to protect you from permanent damage.

PlugFones Guardian Series Ear Plugs with built-in headphones

While we wouldn’t necessarily promote riding your bike with music playing, this earphone/earplug hybrid could be helpful for riders who already suffer with tinnitus.

It is often recommended to tinnitus sufferers that forms of sound therapy, such as listening to music at a low volume, can make the tinnitus less intrusive. These earplugs also offer a noise reduction rating of 23dB.

Decibullz – Custom Moulded Earplugs

Cheaper than a lot of others on the market, these custom earplugs can be quickly moulded using hot water to fit the exact shape of your ear, offering greater protection and comfort while riding.

The thermo-fit earpiece also allows you to remould; if you don’t get the perfect fit the first time, you can drop them back into hot water and reshape until they fit your ears perfectly.

Senner MotoPro reusable hearing protection earplugs

These plugs don’t block out all sounds but aim to protect your ears by muffling louder sounds, while leaving voices and other important sounds audible.

These earplugs also come with a handy container that can be attached to your keys, making them harder to misplace.

Howard Leight 3301105 Laser Lite Ear Plugs

These foam earplugs are a great introduction for riders that might want to try earplugs without spending too much money.

The self-adjusting polyurethane foam expands to fit the individual wearer and offers a contoured T-shape for easy insertion and wear. Similar to the silicone plugs, they aim to muffle rather than block out all sounds.

Quick tip: always carry a spare packet with you as earbuds can fall out when putting your helmet on and off.

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