Why every biker needs a motorcycle Crash Card

A motorcycle Crash Card is a very small thing that could potentially save your life if you have an accident.

motorcycle crash at Anglesey race track

The card is very small in size, is stored in the padding of your helmet and has important medical information on it if you ever have an accident.

The Crash Card details:

• Name
• Postcode
• Date of Birth
• Medication
• Medical history

The other side of the card:

• Contains helpful directions to assist the person making the 999 call.

These simple things can be the difference between life and death in some cases. If you ever have an accident, the paramedics at the scene will use this card to make sure they treat you properly, and avoid giving you any treatment that could interfere with any medication you are on at the time.

Your medical history will also allow them to know more about any previous injuries you may have had, which in turn will allow them to care for you better at the scene of the accident.

The green sticker

To make the paramedic aware you have a crash card you simply put a green sticker on the outside of your helmet so they will instantly know about your card. This card also works for other motorcyclists who may be at the scene so they can try and help you until the paramedics arrive.

This brilliantly simple idea has saved countless lives over many years and was created by serving paramedics who have been both injured as a motorcyclist or attended the scene of a motorcycle accident.

And as it Crash Cards couldn’t get any better, they are free as well, so there really is no excuse not to have one! Find out more about the Crash Card and how to order yours here.

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