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To look at, you might confuse the CG for the Yamaha YBR 125 as it’s another simple and traditional looking bike.

It’s not a sports bike and comes with a stripped-back front-end, lacking the fairings and details of other options in the 125 Honda range like the CBF and CBR. Despite production stopping in 2008, the CG is a supremely popular model with more than 10m sales worldwide.

It’s a no frills option that does everything it says it will – but nothing more. It’s solid, unspectacular but ultimately reliable, the definition of basic.

And, as you might expect, its price reflects that. From new, the CG125 is worth just a touch under £2,000 however you’re more likely to find a second hand version now.

Below, you can see an average minimum comprehensive insurance quote for the CG 125.

Lowest quote on The Bike Insurer – £327.08