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The Honda PCX (yes, another Honda) is the most popular scooter in our top ten, which might come as a bit of a shock given its price.

Despite its size, this is no maxi-scooter so you’re not paying for performance, instead you’re splashing the cash on a well-equipped, high-end scooter ideal for commuting and riding around town.

It’s something of a revolutionary thanks to it’s fuel-saving, idle stop start system – the engine turns off when you’re ‘idle’ – this returns an impressive 133.9mpg, according to the manufacturer.

In terms of appearance, the PCX is a slick looking machine with a tall windshield and distinctive headlight.

From new, the 125 scooter costs £2,600 and below you can see the average minimum cost of a comprehensive insurance policy.

Lowest quote on The Bike Insurer – £296.10