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The Rieju RS3 is a Spanish alternative to the 125s from the likes of Honda and Yamaha and is an option for anyone after something that’s a little bit different.

To look at, the RS3 is an out-and-out sports bike but with only 15hp driving it, it’s within the A1 Light Motorcycle Licence requirements, despite looking the part.

The upside down forks, race-inspired swing arm and dynamic fairings all smack of the track however these features do not set the RS3 as the easiest bike to ride.

As well as its dynamic looks, its price will also tempt many new riders. At just under £3,400, the RS3 is cheaper than its 125 ‘sports bike’ inspired rivals, however it lacks the comfort and reliability of those that are more expensive, like the YXF R125 or the Honda CBR 125R.