Alison Osler – Life on the pitwall

Any rider will tell you that you can’t race on your own.

While that may sound ridiculous unless you’re racing with a sidecar, it’s not because motorbike racing is a real team effort.

Most riders start their careers with a small team and that team usually derives from the family. That’s certainly the case for young riders who without parental support simply couldn’t race and it’s definitely the case for The Bike Insurer’s Dan Drayton, Charley Oakland and Lewis Osler.

But while riders see exactly how much hard work their team puts into preparing for a race and over race weekend, they don’t often get an insight into what it’s like for their parents on the pitwall when they’re flying round a track.

Here, we talked to Alison Osler, Lewis’ mum, about what her role is in Team Osler and what it’s like to watch from the pitwall.