ARCH KRGT 1 on-board review

We’ve spent a month getting to know the ARCH KRGT-1 and with only a few in the country, we were pretty excited to get our hands on one.

This bike is custom made from the ground up which means you get to feel like you are riding something that is truly unique.

Every component on the KRGT-1 is carefully crafted or sourced to make a creation that stands out from the crowd. With carbon fibre wheels, billet aluminium twin tanks, billet aluminium subframe and engine casings, there could be 500 ARCH motorcycles in a car park (what a car park that would be!) and no two would be the same.

We’ve learnt that riding an ARCH is all about how it makes you feel and if you like your bikes being grin machines, then you’d love having a go on this one.

So, what else can you expect from a sports cruiser with a 2032 Litre V-Twin engine?

Well, the answer is throbbing vibrations, growling and howling, banging and popping, all of which are produced from a bike that actually corners well.

The ARCH KRGT-1 will do the miles in comfort without compromising on performance. And if you do buy one, it will thank you every time you simply look at it.

Here’s our on-board review of how it looks, how it sounds and how it rides.