Importing a Tuk Tuk from Sri Lanka

Three-wheelers are fairly popular in the UK and while we’re unlikely to start The Tuk Tuk Insurer, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to chat to Cassie Trevis about her Bajaj.

Cassie fell in love with Tuk Tuks on a family holiday to Sri Lanka and set her stall out to buy one.

To do that, Cassie needed to get back to Sri Lanka and obtain a three-wheeler licence over there, something she did over 12 months where she worked in Colombo.

Not content with driving the tuk tuk in Sri Lanka, Cassie decided that she needed to take it home with her, so set about importing it back to Hertfordhshire.

It took 10 days travel, 10 days of modifications to make it road legal and a further six weeks to get the correct paperwork in place to get it out and on the road.

We spoke to Cassie about everything that was involved as well as why she was so keen to get her Bajaj RE to the UK and what she does with it now.