Insight into riding at Silverstone with Steve Parrish

The Bike Insurer teamed up with Steve Parrish in 2015 to reveal exactly what riders see and feel as they race around Silverstone in front of thousands of screaming fans.

In a revealing interview, former Grand Prix rider and BBC commentator, Steve Parrish, tells fans what riders feel on the start grid, what they look out for as they speed around Silverstone at 200mph and what it’s like to race in front of 80,000 fans.

Steve Parrish, ex-World GP rider and BBC commentator, said: “On the start line it is the most nerve wracking time because you’ve just got time to sit there and it often goes very, very quiet. You’ve got your ear plugs in, you’ve got your helmet on; once the lights go out, all the best made plans go out the window and what will be will be.”

“I’ve always loved Silverstone, it just has so many very interesting corners and one of the other things is they’ve done a great job on the new track. It’s changed a lot over the years and they’ve made some great places for overtaking, so it always produces some terrific races with some fabulous opportunities for passing.”

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