Isle of Man TT lap on a Honda C90

Ever wondered what it would be like to take on the Isle of Man TT on a Honda C90?

You probably haven’t but as big fans of the PLOP, The Bike Insurer was intrigued to see what it would be like to complete a lap of the famous Snaefell Mountain Course on the almost as famous Honda C90.

In conclusion, it’s quite slow and tough on the body but it does give you a pleasant view of the scenery that the likes of Guy Martin never get to see when they’re flying along at 200mph.

So if you want a more relaxed view of the TT course, this is the video for you because it means you can spot the famous turns as they approach, as they’re navigated and as they’re left behind, which is unique for an onboard lap from the TT!

So for once, you get a good look along the high-speed sections like the Sulby Straight and the Mountain Mile, as well as a very lengthy look at the Hairpin.

If you’re off to the TT this year and fancy a jaunt round yourself (probably in something a little more powerful than our C90), you can use our Isle of Man TT course directions.