Lampkin rides a rollercoaster

Video credit goes to Red Bull.

Dougie Lampkin, 12 times World Trials Champion, is certainly no stranger to danger.

He’s ridden through the Arctic Tundra, up Ravana Falls and in September 2016, he successfully wheelied the full 37.7-mile Isle of Man TT circuit – a feat that many, even Dougie, were unsure could be done.

Always on the lookout for bigger and better challenges, Dougie decided his latest had to be both dangerous and different, so enlisted the help of his Red Bull sponsors to help him find that perfect location.

The result? An abandoned theme park.

Milan’s Greenland park had not been in use since the gates were closed in 2002 and has been left to rust and rot ever since.

Dougie’s showstopper would be riding the 22-metre-high roller coaster with absolutely no guarantees as to the safety of the structure.

But with the mantra ‘Believe in yourself and do your duty’, 41-year-old Dougie is not one to let his reputation lie.

“I did need a bit [of training] to prepare for the roller coaster video,” he said.

“There’s no way an abandoned attraction that’s 22-metres high can’t worry you, but the team and I made it as safe as we could – even though the risk factor was extremely high.”

Did he succeed with his challenge? Watch the video to find out.